CP1 Associates provides holistic information systems consultancy, technical assistance and CIO services for companies and organisations that do not need a full-time CIO or have an interim requirement. We use the term holistic because for us it's not all about the technology; information systems are technology+people+processes, and only by looking at them in this way can an organisation be sure to avoid spending money on software, hardware and cloud services that's just creating more of the same. Real strategic value is found in considering those 3 elements together, with something more than a 3 year timeline in mind.

We can help you select the right technologies to lower your costs, or help you to grow effectively; help with setting long and short term strategies for your organisation, for managing your information; or help you in setting up a new venture and recruiting the right staff.

CP1’s associates cover a range of the skills associated with information systems, from software development, systems management and general support to digital archives and records management. We can arrange for trusted and highly skilled staff to resolve your issues and enhance your organisation or can act as QA on your other suppliers.

We have a particular interest in the use of open solutions; open standards, open source and (where relevant) open data, believing this openness generally provides the lowest cost and greatest value to organisations, promoting choice, reducing lock-in and increasing flexibility and allowing the lowest costs for scaling up.

CP1 Associates was founded by Chris Puttick, a career information systems management professional who has combined a degree in Management with a fundamental technical understanding to deliver real sustainable value for employers and now clients.

Through a network of highly skilled and trusted individuals and companies CP1 can deliver complete solutions, including software development (web, mobile, traditional), technical infrastructure (network, virtualisation, storage) and systems management, as well as solve immediate problems, provide advice and help develop sustainable strategies. We can help with cyber-security, applied AI and resolving failures.

For more information about our range of services, please see our services page.

CP1 aims to be OpenChain compliant. If you have any questions or concerns about CP1’s use of open source, please email the designated open source liaison, Chris Puttick.

Legal Stuff

CP1 Associates Limited Registered in England & Wales no. 7499788

VAT no. GB105 5340 52

 Registered office: 2 Hinksey Court, Church Way, Oxford OX2 9SX